Purdue Dean of Students

It was suprisingly satisfying to find the very first public website redesigned and built by Aubrey (Bock) Backscheider was archieved on the Wayback Machine. This was a project completed for the Purdue Univeristy Dean of student’s office under Dean Akers in spring sememster of 2001. At the time Dreamweaver was the popular design tool, and the graphics found on the page were gifs created from scratch.

In addition to dreamweaver, I used a Nikon coolpix (one of the first ‘selfie’ cameras) to add better visual elements including staff photos and interior building photos. I was one of three hundred students to apply for the job as the hourly pay was very high and a recommendation from Dean Akers solidified my elidgibility as a student councelor. It is still one of my fondest Purdue memories and I’m happy to have found a version of it available online!