Endangered Species Chocolate

In February of 2020, Endangered Species Chocolate hired Cinci360 for a private consulting session on SEO services, and to launch a new Google Ads marketing campaign. This smart campaign was to focus on their new Oat Milk Chocolate line: Oat Milk + Dark, Oat Milk + Almond, and Oat Milk + Rice Crisp.

Along with the existing web developer, Cinci360 made recommendations on landing page optimization, schema, and a Google Ads smart campaign. Higher traffic meant potentially migrating to a new server, and compressing images for speed optimization. There are many factors to consider when deciding on a new site host, including cost, server locations, and scalability. I advise most clients to try WPEngine or DreamHost if they are under 50k visitors monthly. Several overseas hosts such as Siteground have also become extremely popular.

Working with the Endangered Species Chocolate team was great, and I look forward to future SEO and Ads related projects with them!